Sunday, May 24, 2009

Feeling Blessed Today

Today has been an odd sort of day.

It is as though each part of my day has held a lesson for me, something to think about.

I spoke about church earlier. Sometimes that happens when I go, the talks, and peoples comments all seem to be things that I have needed to hear.

I spoke with my husband, don't know how he received it, but at least I know what I need to expect from him. Just have to continue to communicate what I need and ask for the respect as I said.

Then I went over to my friend Janae's house and she split her SCOBY mushroom for me (to make Kombucha tea). Plus she illuminated me on the fact that the SCOBY doesn't like the light and doesn't like to touch metal. So hopefully this one will last longer than the other two mushrooms that she's given me (may they rest in peace).

After that I had a good long think, then we went up to my moms for dinner. I brought back the family pictures. I gathered them up a few years ago with the intention of scanning them all, but have found it difficult to get started, I have been putting it off.

The pictures have sat around here too long, kind of a little niggling reminder of something that I haven't done. So I figured I would bring them back up to mom's and dedicate Sunday to scanning them up there. Unfortunately there scanner has issues, there is not a good program on their computer for scanning them, the one that I found generally scans surface oils and dirt and leaves out the details of the pictures. My scanner is a lot better, captures the image and it's easy to cut it afterwards. So I guess on that project I will just have to bring a little bit home at a time, maybe have mom get me an external "jump" drive.

Dinner was fun, we had a conversation about a theoretical van that we are going to buy to go to the reunion in this year and we all get a row to sleep in. This because it's hard to pin down my dad to get him to commit to renting the trailer we need.

Somehow that conversation led to a discussion about the boys sleeping on the roof (or under the van) because several of them snore. They will be allowed a hammock, which will somehow or other be on top of the van. That idea led to the absurdity of the idea of driving down the street in a large van with a hammock on top, with someone sleeping in it.

Of course, the hammock would have to have a seat belt, and some kind of clasp to encapsulate the occupant. So someone threw out the idea of a cocoon hammock, if you slept in it you would sprout wings. Someone else mentioned that zooming down the freeway in a hammock might make you shed your skin like a snake so we decided that we should market this idea as an idea for getting rid of skin cancer. We have absurd ideas for all sorts of products, like canned air, canned butter, boxes of nothing (only $19.95, we promise to give you a great no return policy, nothing will be charged to your credit card, nothing will be sent and we will throw nothing in, extra, just pay no shipping and handling).

My brother has a blog with all sorts of products that you would never want to buy, like do it yourself dentistry kits, root canals, home demolition in a box...

After that we went over to a the church to hear our friend Paul speak about acting in independent movies. But couldn't stay long because we needed to get over to the cemetery for Memorial day visits.

It's been a gray kind of day, and it started sprinkling a bit as we all piled out of the car to visit my Grandparents grave site, plus my Uncle Jack and cousin Todd.

We stopped briefly at mom's for cheesecake (at least the kids, I can't eat it because of the gluten).

Now we are back home again I made up a cup of Chai Roobios tea, it has a really lovely flavor, and I got to work cleaning out my closet a bit and thinking about how I want to tackle the problem of washing everything to get rid of bed bugs.

I am washing and drying, then encapsulating everything in "Space Bags," blankets and eventually clothes. Then I need to go through our books and stacked nick nacks to try and ferit them out. The exterminator is coming on Tuesday, my mom volunteered to pay for one.

So I found myself standing in my room, the smell of the rain coming to me through the open window, the gentle steady sound a calming reminder of renewal. Standing in the midst of my room, where my bed used to be, I felt as though this was an opportunity to evaluate the things that I allow to be in my life.

The books and papers, the blankets and clothes, the stuff, all of it is sort of like a bit of responsibility weighing down on my consciousness. Having things weighs on your awareness I think.

So I actually feel calmer with the bed gone, maybe it has something to do with how I hated that bed anyway, how I never really slept well on that mattress and the general bulkiness and ugliness of it. Heck I can dance in the middle of my room now!! :D

It feels like I can actually handle cleaning out everything, a bit at a time, and perhaps coming to a point where things are reordered in my life and I will be able to see clearer what I need to do with my time. What I need to study, learn, and focus on, and what I need to teach my kids.

A lot of things happen to me in this way. I go through periods of confusion, things come to a breaking point, and then a path seems to open up to what I need to do next. I find a book I need to read, a friend I need to talk to, it is all a very interesting process.

I think that a lot of it has to do with being open, grateful, trying to be a good person, and continuing to look for ways to improve in life that leads to opportunities.

May things work out for you my friends.


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