Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lovely Piece of Writing, by My Grandmother

My Grandmother was a really neat lady, she gave this little tribute to my parents on their wedding day.

Angelia and Jon
By Angela Carter Cameron

I’ve tried to put in writing
Some things I’d like to say.
To this very lovely couple,
On this their wedding day.

Morris was nine when Jon was born,
And looking back now we can see.
The Lord wanted a very special spirit,
To send our family.

And special Jon has always been.
He brought us all such joy.
When he first came into our home.
Dad took charge of his baby boy.
He diapered, bathed and fed him,
Acted just like a mother.
Morris too, was very proud.
He now had a real live brother.

Jon often said such funny things.
The one I remember still.
Was the time he told his first grade class.
His Mother was mentally ill.
The reason – unrealistic fears;
The sight of a mouse brought hysterical tears.

With everyone he always gets along fine,
Especially the little folk,
“He’s the Pied Piper, followed by children.”
Is a common neighborhood joke.

He’s had quite a few accomplishments,
But the one most precious to me.
Is the role he played in making us
An Eternal family.

We’re so glad Angie Kay came into his life.
We were happy when he asked her to become his wife.
She’s the middle one in a family of nine.
The first time we met them, we knew it was fine.
To have our son join such a well knit clan.
We didn’t know then the romance had began.
They help one another – they feel it’s their duty.
And their love for their Mother,
Is a real thing of beauty.

Angie’s real special, but I’m warning you , Jon.
Her first day at school, she cried on and on.
There were two first grade rooms, she told her Mother.
The reason she cried – she wanted the other.

And then when she started attending third grade.
Her teacher, she said, was an ugly Old Maid.
When Mom went to visit, goodness gracious, alive!
Her teacher was beautiful – about twenty five.

Angie’s beautiful, spiritual, she cooks and she sews.
She’s gracious and kind and her good humor shows.
What more could a man ever want in a wife.
And we all know it isn’t just for this life.

Today in the Temple of The Lord, you see.
They were married for all time and eternity!

And now as you start the next phase of your journey along the sea of life, you should surround yourself with a fleet of ships to make the voyage successful. All of us here today are honored to share this festive occasion with you. We will deem it even a greater honor to be members of your crew on your good ship, friendship.

You have already been on board Courtship, but you have just barely reached the top of the gang plank. Don’t be afraid to express your love for each other, continue to go out and do fun things together. When children come into your lives, take time for just the two of you to get away once in a while. This ship along with her sister companionship should sail along together side by side all the rest of your lives.

Don’t neglect citizenship. Take an active part in community affairs. Get involved in politics, do your part to elect the right public officials. Our great country is at stake. Voting is not only your great privilidge, but your obligation.

Fellowship – our Prophet has told us we should all be missionaries. This is very true but many full time missionaries have reported it isn’t as hard to convert people to the gospel as it is to keep them active. Too many of us forget to show our love for all our fellow men – members and non-members, active and inactive, everyone needs our love and fellowship.

Hardship will no doubt be one of your vessels, but may it be the very smallest. And may you both be made even stronger for having endured the storm with it.

The mightiest of all will be the majestic Worship. To it you will go when the night is dark and the sea is rough. The Captain at its helm will guide and direct you in your darkest hour of need. Pray to him daily both individually and together, and live your lives worthy to have his Holy Spirit with you at all times for guidance and direction.

And now as you set your sails and determine your course, we wish you, smooth and happy sailing into the harbor of eternal joy.

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Natalie said...

So full of love and wisdom. That is a precious keepsake, indeed. :D