Monday, May 4, 2009

Mother Daughter Dinner

A lady from Sunday School who is in charge of the 11 year old girls handed me this picture of me and my daughter Angie from the Mother Daughter dinner in February.

It was fun (except they had Spaghetti with french bread and I had to run home to get some stroganoff that I had made the night before (because of the Celiac disease) Which was OK because it tasted great!!)

They had a lovely program, I learned that my daughter has a crush, but she won't tell who, though I have my suspicions.

I guess this is how I usually look, no makeup (cause I hate bothering mostly).

My daughter is so tall, ya can't tell in the picture, she is almost, or is taller than me at 11!! I am 5'4" so I guess its sort of an inevitable thing that my kids would be taller than me grrr.

Koli (my oldest at 12 years) is sort of short right now, Angie is this muscular chic and Koli's just sinewy. There seems to be a trend for the boys in our family to be short... then they sprout up when they're older.

Speaking of those darn kids!! They filled up my tent with water (I caught them just in time) and now it's going to take forever to dry it out!! :D


Mike Smith said...

Beware the teenage years - especially among girls!

Renee said...

Oh my goodness your daughter is beautiful. I didn't realize until seeing this picture how much she looks like you.

You are both beautiful.


Strawberry Girl said...

Thanks Mike and Renee!!

(Oh, yeah, the warning... uh I am actually shaking in my boots, yikes!!)