Friday, May 15, 2009


I don't know how many people know this about me, but I am a very stubborn person.

(Uh, and so is my daughter Roxie... she sat on the floor for about 5 minutes crying because I told her she had to say sorry for hitting me before she got up. It's not like she didn't understand me, I could see her little mind working and every time I asked her to say sorry she would say "No" and continue to cry... STINKER!!)

Today I was out clearing up the yard, in which we had a large fire pit (refer to previous post about said fire pit. I guess it was a really nice one, but it was situated in a bad spot I thought, because it blocked a part of the yard that would be nice to have clear.

So being stubborn I decided to move the fire pit back a few feet. So I went out there and started chucking the large stones back, then found that someone had reinforced said fire pit (I think the neighbors husband) by putting large pieces of asphault (of which were my nemisis since we moved in here, but finally got cleared up by the fencing guys...) and concrete around it.

So being stubborn I took a shovel to pry up the asphault. I got them pryed up and even got a really large piece (about two feet wide)to where I wanted it by rolling it on it's side.

Then having put things in place, I started to rearrange the stones, when suddenly one of them came down on two of my fingers, bruising one and smashing apart the side of the other!! The immediate response I guess was endorphins flooding my fingers and my brain.

So, in shock, I almost blindly went into the house. Somehow navigating around the garbage can and Sam's toolbox (which was from his truck). Getting into the house, I went up the stairs where I turned on the water and sort of lay against the counter with hot water running over my fingers. It was all I could do to turn on the cold water and lay there with my head on my arm while the water ran. I started shaking and almost passed out.

Luckily Angela followed me into the house to see if I was alright. She got me drinks of water (after I recovered a bit and sat on the floor) and the first aid kit. My mouth felt like cotton.

She also got me a camera so I took a picture, it dosen't look that bad actually because the skin is in the same position of where it usually is. The other finger is turning a bit purple. But... I am not sure you all want to see it. :D

After cleaning it up I had to take a bath (because I was dirty all over). Now for some odd reason I am sitting here blogging about it. :D

Actually some of my stubborn habits are rather amusing. I have some really amusing stories from both childhood and adulthood. Basically if stuff is not getting done, I do it, even if it seems like too large of a job for me.

I have kind of gotten stuck with the garden though. We have a big problem with morning glory, so although we haven't gotten anything planted yet... it's sort of alright because the stuff's growing everywhere and we would now be weeding everything at this point.

What needs to happen is getting a hold of a lot of peat moss, manure, and organic fertilizer to till into the soil to turn it to be more acidic (morning glory loves the alkalinity of our yard) then I think we need to get some black plastic to cover things up to discourage the weeds (though I hate the thought of using a whole bunch of plastic... which will photo degrade into our soil).

I have another problem... grrr. I guess it's because of my monthly visitor, walking a long time yesterday and not getting enough sleep (I guess being on the computer doesn't help either) but I think I have gained about 10 or 15 pounds in like 2 or 3 weeks or days even (because seriously I fit into my clothes a couple of weeks ago and today I can't find anything to wear, grrr).

This happens I guess from time to time then I consider going on Weight Watchers again (because I lost like 10 pounds in the first week when I went on it before)... but then things go back to normal. I DON'T KNOW!! Being a woman is annoying!!

Now I've got a headache, my hairs wet, skin feels dry and sore for some reason, got stuff to do... never mind about it. :D I just wish someone would show up and take care of things sometimes. (You know?)


Michelle said...

I used to put on a whole size every month....had multiple clothes for different I still do but don't get the visitors due to the removal of uterus:)

Clone.Girl. said...

That sounds like it hurt. I dislike it with atomic intensity when things happen to your fingers. You use them for everything! I've been told by certain people that I'm stubborn as well. I'd rather be stubborn than fold like a cheap table.

Sunny said...

Ouch! I hope your fingers recover quickly!