Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pedicures with the Girls

I am just sitting back a bit today, recovering from this bout of stress and sore throat (and bed bugs).

So I'm gonna relax with my sister and girls (and my sisters friends) and paint my toenails (something that I don't do very often).

Maybe I will even get a shot of my foot (I think my feet are kinda cute). :D

...OI' did the pedicure thing, took a picture (I'll have to upload it later). I'm feeling kind of drained out today, empty of words, took me forever to compose a few e-mails.

One thing that happens to me when I get sick is a feeling of insecurity, and I have this feeling of not wanting to do much. Yet feeling like I should somehow, that I should be better than I am. Like I am an empty person, uninteresting, it's illogical I know.

Sort of like I would like to fill others up, and be filled up with their words as well.

I think I need more rest, so off I go. :D


The Things We Carried said...

Bed bugs, oh no!

Michelle said...

Just take it easy Annie, let you rest guilt free!


Finding Pam said...

I am sorry that you are under the weather. You take special care of yourself. Hugs