Saturday, May 23, 2009


I might be a silly, silly person but I think plants just fill you up sometimes. Have you ever walked into a green house and just sighed? Well... I was walking around with my dad at Costco, not feeling particularly inspired by anything, then we walked by the plants for sale and I just had this lift.

There's a lady that I know of who studies "energies." Gardens with them, walks around divining things through her intuition, I'm coming around to her way of thinking.

Had an interesting story idea while walking around, but still not feeling up to much, maybe Monday...

Another thought that I had while walking around, was about the magazines and stuff. I think I need to spend more time reading and reflecting. Sometimes I get stuck in these thought ruts (which usually have to do with basic elements, as you all may know) and it's hard to pull something else out. But I do think of many other things, they just get stuck in my head sometimes. :D


Michelle said...

Its hard, when you are a mother of small children, to be 'yourself' in the middle of it all. All we can do is our best Annie and that is plenty good enough


Michelle said...

I caught a little of that in the feed. The answer is yes, if you are unhappy and things don't look like changing. And yes, it is hard, and yes, sometimes it is very worth it.