Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Roxie's Incredibly Hard Day and Updates on All the Kids

Well, Roxie has been having a difficult day.

First of all, she couldn't get mommy to wear the sandals that she wanted mommy to wear. She stood in front of the mirror while I blew my hair dry, practicing her pouty crying face and egging herself on, I just kept laughing periodically at her (which made her mad!). ;D

The toilet at the public restroom scared the heck out of her by flushing, twice, while she was trying to go potty!!

She couldn't put her shoes on over the footie pajama's that she insisted on wearing!

The rose that brah, brah gave her had little thorns so she decided to destroy it.

Life is tough!!

Koli is playing baseball again this year, though he needs some new pant's because his old ones are too small!! (and who said he wasn't growing? Angie just grows so much that we miss it when Koli gets bigger)

Angela's hula teacher is starting a little technical class on Tahitian dance and wants Angie to be in it!! She's incredibly impressed by Angies improvement over the last little while and in fact so am I!! That girl works hard at learning her dances, it makes me very proud to see it. :D

Sione, has been writing stories about the cats (Koli is actually the main one doing this and Sione follows suit). He also writes stories involving him and our neighbor William though we all call him Berg for some reason, I asked his mom and she dosen't know either. Sione and Berg are Jedi Masters and when he draws pictures of them he makes them have enormous muscles!! (Funny Kid);p

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