Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sister say's I'm a hippie...


I guess I need to re-write my profile description. My little sister says she can't read it, that I sound like a hippie!! :D

I guess I kind of am. I need to write up some adventures of Shannie and Annie, (and actually Danny as well, my brother) we were quite the earth children.

We used to hang out at a little shop called Ako Ako (or something like that). It was a little hippie shop full of incense, hemp purses, and natural beaded jewelry. They had curious rings and jewelry. A big picture of Bob Marley on the wall, and Jimmy Hendricks as well.

We called it the "Blue Door" because it was literally a blue door hidden in the midst of other more appealing shops.

We used to haunt the shops downtown, especially the run down deserted ones. There was an interesting sort of "mini-mall" which had unique shops in it.

We once had a serious discussion between us cousins (our other cousins had joined us) about going to Alaska to become salmon fishermen. We discussed this because we were sitting around in a sunken seating area, which used to be popular in the malls around here but they have since taken then out of most of them, and one of us was scanning through the ad's for "Help Wanted" and that was one of the options for a job.

I still remember the curious smell of stale air and a hard to describe "old building" smell. Center street was an area of decline for quite a while, until the current mayor got into office. I'm not sure if this little place is still there, or if it is where they took out some buildings to put in a Marriot hotel.

We loved it anyway. It had mysterious stairways which led to the uppper level that wasn't open to the public. The hallway sloped upward past all of the stores to the other side where you could exit out the back.

Many of the stores were empty but a few businesses still hung on. They had one store dedicated to all things Scottish which I loved to haunt. A curious shop full of sparkly things, a coin shop, a material shop, a few restaurants.

One of the little restaurants was a Chinese restaurant. We would order egg drop soup and pop (because it was cheap). Then write ridiculous songs on the back of the napkins.

There was actually another interesting store down the road a bit from there that rented out tapes of music from around the world. I wanted to rent some but was a minor (they didn't trust me, for good reason). :D

The music was interesting though, I am still drawn to all of the different musical styles out there. Plus different languages, though I have yet to discipline my self to mastering one.

Mostly we would walk barefoot down the street in our cut-offs and hop on nearby patches of grass, when our feet got to hot.

We had many adventures involving torturing the neighbor boys, by doing really random things like giving them strange pictures for their interpretation. Jumping up to pat their heads as they walked (actually suck their brains with our hands - evil grin. We were terrible flirts).

Hanging out in the wild back yard and oddly throwing salt over our shoulders (for good luck).

Alrighty, that's enough revealing information for one night. ;p

I will put up a picture that was on Ako Ako's door later,(which I was surprised to see on someones blog) because I am up at my mom's. :D

Alrighty it's later...

Here's the picture

Actually this is a good depiction of how I feel when I start to talk about this time in my life.

At that point in life I felt aimless, drifting, and I suppose somewhat selfish.

I get nervous when I think about how I was at times. I guess in some ways it was fun, doing random things, hanging out and writing songs about flowers.

But in other ways it was unnerving. Not taking anything seriously, doing whatever we pleased without regard to what others thought of us. What was most unnerving about this was how selfish it led me to become.

I suppose that is the crux of things. I don't like being selfish because I care about others and I don't like myself when I am selfish.

I sort of think that a bit of the hippie movement was about being selfish, doing your own thing, free love and drugs. I think it was a mindset that ruined a lot of peoples lives.

I have been thinking about changing my profile description. Though I think it is a very good description of me, it came from a poetical moment that I was having. I think that it is not a full enough description of me, because I am not all mountainous streams and wild strawberries (though ya' all know I love them and would love to hang around up at Strawberry Reservoir hunting for wild strawberries).

Hmmm... I guess we shall see what comes to me to put there. :D


Butler and Bagman said...

I always wanted to be a hippie and was born into the right time frame...but there was always a depressive side to me that would have fit in better with the previous generation of beatniks. But I did like the pot. Too much actually, although ironically, it later led me to a career in drug addiction treatment. You never know...

EcoGrrl said...

Darling, hippie is a compliment. Think back to the original adjectives that defined, creative, artistic, loving, accepting, open minded...all a good thing...! I like your historical writing so much - I think it's because our writing comes out effortlessly when we are focusing on memories and not the words...?

Strawberry Girl said...

Thank you both, I enjoyed your comments. I do like a lot of aspects of what defined hippies in the beginning. I think I narrowed it down a bit too much at the end there. There were a lot of positive things about Hippies as well, and they are on the forfront for many of the things that need to be changed in government and the world today. :D