Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Lessons

I want to thank everyone for the help and support over these past couple of weeks. I was afraid you would all get sick of me, so it's so nice to see how warm and loving people can be.

Today was a really good day in church. We talked about the need to teach our children and we had a really good lesson on the sanctity of women and the role that men should play in our lives.

I have been generally inspired to make a few changes, ask for a few important things directly (what I expect). I think that I have a tendency to let things slide, not get angry over things, to keep the peace, even when I should be upset I let it go.

That type of tendency, though good in some ways, can tend towards greater and greater amounts of disrespect if not kept in check and women need to demand the respect they deserve.

I mean, we don't need to be whiny and overly demanding, but we should draw a line somewhere about what we expect or we are not going to get it.

This is a frustrating thing for me because I hate asking for things. I generally think people should do things because they are thoughtful and want to do them. But as someone pointed out, some times (some) men get too focused on earning the bread and they forget the small details.

So my failing has been letting everything slide. Plus I need to do certain things around the house as a mother a bit more, just focusing on that aspect a little more, though it gets discouraging when the cooperation is not there.

I think I need to balance things a bit better and do a better job of being "present" when he gets here.

Anyway some thoughts from our lessons today.


Finding Pam said...

Annie, you are so young and you have a lot of responsibility for your family and children.

I am not sure what is going on with regards to the respect, but I think every woman deserves respect and you can and should expect it from you husband and family.

You are still finding out who you are and sometimes we have to put our own lives on hold until our children are raised. I can not imagine doing what you do for five kids. Just the laundry would do me in.

Hang in there, keep writing, it will get better. I am glad that you have family around.

Remember, husbands are not mind readers and you may have to ask for what you want, even though you don't think you should.

Blessings my little friend.

Strawberry Girl said...

Thank you so much Pam. Your such a neat person. :D

Star said...

I also find it hard to ask for things. My husband is always telling me that I should say what I want and not keep quiet or hint. I was brought up not to ask for things and it's a hard habit to break.
Blessings, Star