Thursday, June 18, 2009

Friday Shoot-Outs "Metal"

This weeks theme was chosen by the lovely Audrey. METAL :D

Absolutely the neatest Metal Swingset ever!! There are seats for about 6 kids and someone can make the whole contraption spin while you swing.

Sione and Sam

Me and Roxie on Said Swingset

There is a canal system running througout Orem city. (There used to be one in Provo, but they've taken it underground). People with water rights take their turn by spinning the little wheel around changing the course of the water. My Grandpa's neighbor used to use his water right to flood his lawn and water his orchard in the back.

One of the many turn points for The Orem Canal

One of Orems remaining orchards

Similarly there is a large gate on the Provo River which helps to control the flow, it is currently wide open because the Spring Run off is so great!!

One of the dam controls for the Provo River (I didn't mean to swear, I swear!!)

There is a sort of metal grave yard on the Provo River trail, right before the underpass for the railroad tracks. I found this beauty there...

Metal Railroad Cart (Behind a metal fence)

Missionary (Woops were not doing the M theme :( I thought I would throw this guy in the mix anyway... because well, an "inflatable missionary?" How odd... ;D)

There used to be a burgeoning steel industry in Utah, I suppose these guys are a remenant of the industry.

Mountain States Steel

There is actually a place called "Metal Mart" up further north, I couldn't get up that far this week so I got a pic of a metal stock yard closer to home.

Stacked Metal Building Materials

Metal Chains on the Back of A Metal Truck

Truckers carry these chains to help secure there loads, to secure their wheels through the snow and for various other reasons.

Metal Framework for Building

Like I said, there used to be a burgeoning Steel industy and Geneva Steel was a large factory near Utah lake (it was a very big polluter of water and air, so I am glad to see it go) yet it was a part of Utah's industry for many years and my grandpa worked there until retirement. When Harley Davidson decided to build a dealership in Utah, someone had the creative idea to use the scrap metal from the old Geneva Steel building. I love the result!!

Timpanogas Harley Davidson Building

Along "Geneva Road" is the scrap metal recycling center.

Dirt/Rock Crusher in action and Backhoe

Large Metal Dump Truck Sent to Pick up Dirt From the "Crusher"

Ginormous Metal Power Pole

The Carnival (full of metal rides) Set up just about 3 blocks from my house... but the kids report that they are too expensive (darn).

It was fun getting pictures of metal!! I just wish I had a chance to visit my dad's shop because they bend sheet metal with nifty metal machinery (I love it in there, we used to play with the scraps when we were kids, made swords and such). Next time!! ;D


Natalie said...

Cool shots! I especially loved the one of the old building where your grandpa used to work. Such a fantastic atmosphere. :D xx♥

Anonymous said...

Fantastic shots Strawberry Girl! I loved them all - but the carnival was especially great. And the swingset - nice to reflect on the fun attached to those activities! Great job.

Greener Bangalore said...

WOW! Anie! Awesome place and great pics and info....

Barry said...

You've done a great job capturing the beauty and harshness of metal! What a medium!

The Pink Birdhouse said...

Some really great shots. Winner has to be the Steel Plant, you can't get much more METAL then that! Nor the recycling place. Another fantastic find! I myself love the shot of the railway car behind the fence, it makes me think of peacefulness some how! A great shoot out. Have a good weekend, Debby in germany

Doreen said...

fantastic metal shots. love the old railroad car. nice look around where you live. love the mountains in the backgrounds.

Sarah said...

Wonderful shots!! I love the one of you and darling Roxie!! The mountains in the background of your shots - amazing!!!
I giggled when you said your Dad said Tootled - yikes I am old, lol I forget sometimes!! Hugs, Sarah

Ellisa said...

great shots! I especially love the ones of the harley building.

Mike Smith said...

Some great pics there SG

Sarah Lulu said...

Very interesting ...also loved the phtos of your children who look gorgeous and the mountains in the background were amazing!

Linda said...

You have the whole thing. The mountains in the background, where the ore is mined, the metal factories and products made from metal. You even had people using the metal for work, for fun, for worship and for travel. You covered it all! I love your pictures and the story they tell.

Butler and Bagman said...

I'm glad to see shots from moving cars -- I have a few of them and have been thinking of doing a series...I hope the police don't notice -- I like the swing shot too.

Chele said...

Terrific selection! I had several favorites of this bunch.

Anonymous said...

Oh I liked the mountain one and that swing set is WAY cool!