Thursday, June 11, 2009

Friday Shoot-Outs - Stuff that starts with M


Marlins (Koli's Baseball team)


Movie Theater

Meadow Gold Dairy


Macey's Department Store (in the Mall)

Movie Theater

Moving Around (Yeah so it's a bus transfer point and the next one's a bus. Pictures that I didn't take for the transportation shoot-out ;p)



Natalie said...

Hee,hee! Little Roxie is mischief! I love that one, and those marvelous mountains.xx♥

Butler and Bagman said...

Great selection...mutts and malls and bats and balls...loved all of it.

Sarah Lulu said...

Thank you so much for celebrating my new granddaughter Matilda with the letter M!

That is SUCH a beautiful child in your last photo!!!

Sarah Lulu

REDLAN said...

Thanks for sharing the m's in your area. meddling photo is cute!

Sarah said...

Oh these are stunning - where are you?? I'm in the Pacific NW - Idaho - US. And that kiddo - way too cute!! Wonderful "M" pictures!

Anonymous said...

Love your M shots, especially the mountains - they make me long for my beloved Vancouver!

gigi said...

Those red pants are to funny! Great pics. I love those Mts. so much. I use to work at the "World of Sew" in the University Mall. I sold sewing machines and bought one from myself and I still use it today. Only machine I've ever had.

Doreen said...

nice series of "M" shots. I love the look of the clouds in many of your shots. very cool!!

Michelle said...

That child has a glorious smile!

J9 said...

The Mountain shots are very nice!

Zaroga said...

Great photos! I love all the clouds :-)

Chele said...

Loved your mountain pics the most! Especially since I now live FL and don't get to see then that often.