Thursday, June 4, 2009

Friday Shootouts - Go Random (OK) :D

Well the challenge is to go random, let's see if you can follow me!! ;p

Cottonwood Tree's shed these fluffy seeds every year... the kids like to gather it and always have dreams of making pillows (that doesn't pan out). :D

Dandelion hangin on for dear life by the river...

Hmmm. what's that? An ant? Alrighty then... let's move on.
(Koli, Evan, Daniel)

Roxie Say's Hello :D:D:D ;p

This is the view from the hill (coming down, that I rode up yesterday on the bike. much easier going down!! ;p)

Interesting Wild Grass...

Hi From an Eskimo!!

Brent Brown Toyota (across the street from my house... I wanted to capture a picture of the guy standing there, probably goes to BYU. He looked ultra "Prepie," very amusing).

Still with me? ;p

Now for a drive by 7-Peaks, Down Center, to Geneva Road


(hmmm. Karate lessons, Sione would like some)

Sam was driving until I dropped him off at the Rugby field on Geneva Rd. (This is the "Peaks Ice Arena" notice the Olympic Symbol... I tried to get a picture of the sculpture of this but...)

Houses along Center(Slow Down!! Slow Down!!)

Random Jogger

State St.

The Tabernacle

Dining establishments along Center (The Mayor turned it into quite a business center)

Hindselmans (Still need to get a better picture)


Reams (The little grocery store in the neighborhood that I grew up in. They used to hold an event every summer with 10 cent hot dogs and 25 cent ice cream cones. Ahhh. the good old days). :D

There is an interesting wooden cut out of a Scottish Guy in a kilt on the corner of this store, but Sam was driving too fast for me to get a picture of it... next time. ;D

Looking Past Reams towards the neighborhood that I grew up in (the bag for our fish broke along here one hot summers day... we were rescued from a total loss by a good Samaritan who threw out the rest of their drink and gave us the cup)

Geneva Farmyard

"Spooky Old House" along Geneva (always wanted to get a picture if this one)

Sun Setting along Geneva Road

Vinyard Garden Center (Love to hang out there)

"Mountainlands Applied Technology Center" part of UVU the University that I graduated from in 2006.

The humble little shop that my dad has worked from ever since I was a little girl... it is fascinating in there. (This is off Geneva Road, on 400 South).


Orem used to be famous for their orchards, most of them have been cut down to make way for housing, but there are a few left. (There is a little insect trap on the left of the picture, they are monitoring the enroachment of the Japanese Beetle or something like that).

I'll Throw Some Kiddo's in there for good luck

Roxie, Arisa, Kaede (My neices)



Natalie said...

How fun is it to spend a day on the other side of the world? I enjoyed that very much, especially those magnificent mountains in the background. Wow. I suppose if you lived there, you would get used to their beauty.xx♥

Butler and Bagman said...

You and your husband sure do drive fast! But you catch Utah beautifully and the great wide streets make driving fast safe...well fast anyway. Your Dad has great teeth - I wonder what he was dreaming. The two shots of three girls were great together and almost looked like a movie, flipping back and forth from one to the other. I also enjoyed the bike ride down the mountain...I lived for 2 weeks every month in SLC for a couple of years working on a place called Highland Ridge Hospital...loved the mountains.

gigi said...

I use to shop at Reams when I lived in Provo many years ago. My aunt lives in Sandy as well as lots of cousins. I've walked up that hill you tried to ride up yesterday. It's a doosy.
Love all your drive by photo's just to funny!

Doreen said...

Wow! you have really outdone yourself. loved the ride about town with you. (and your driver) beautiful mountains.

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I love them all but am particulary partial to the sunsets!
Girl, you are beautiful......sweetness shines through on your pretty face. I actually think the snaps of you were my very favorites!!
Have a weekend filled with love, joy and laughter and........

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Zaroga said...

Wonderful ride! Especially loved the pictures of your sweet face.

Strawberry Girl said...

Your all so sweet!! Thanks for the comments. :D

Renee said...

Wow. You are stunning.

You are absolutely beautiful.


Strawberry Girl said...

Your so sweet Renee!!

Gordon said...

You make me homesick for my old college days! Good job, Strawberry Girl! I always look fore=ward to visiting with you. Sorry I'm so late this week. I have been very busy.
Walk With Faith

Sarah said...

Great journey through your day! You live in a beautiful place.

GingerV said...

good random stuff, enjoyed seeing the streets of you town - were you driving???? they are going to have to pass a law for our gang "no driving while under the influence of a camera"
hey that would make a great title to a book...