Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Lovely Little Day

Ahhh, today, I went on another lovely walk up the hill to the Orem bench. Took some pictures on the way down, rotated around to try and capture the panoramic view. It is a glorious view, the light filtering through the clouds, highlighting different aspects of the mountains. The spread of the valley neath' the spherical azure blue sky, filled with a copious amount of fluffy white clouds. The clouds now have gathered and a lovely fresh thunderstorm is smattering rainfall outside.

Afterwards I made some Gluten Free pancakes, some with raspberries, yummy!!

I seem to be endlessly thinking, thinking of what I need to become, who I want to be. In a way that is a weak position to take in life, always preparing to be ___.

What I need to do is be who I am, on the way to who I am going to be. I guess that means accepting myself, shortcomings and all.

We stopped by The Good Earth, and I wandered about a bit, taking in the atmosphere. I thought "I just need to buckle down and learn about herbs enough to come and work here."

Yes that is true, I think I need to push for those things like that, they will bring me joy. Then it will bring joy to my family as well when I am acting true to myself.

Plus there are so many great people that work there, a lovely girl named Jennifer that I love to joke around with, the manager Amy, and a lady named Tiffany who I chatted endlessly with about almost everything the other day. I saw her again today and we are going to add each other to our facebook accounts (yes I know, facebook is taking over the world). ;p

After that I wandered about in a little Antique shop next door. I love Antiques, I love vintage stuff. There is more to the stuff that they had back then, more character, more soul. I sometimes feel that I have been born in the wrong century, this I elude to in the poem that I did on my writting blog.

I just made some GF spaghetti and added some basil pesto that I bought (not quite enough zing I think). Plus I tried out an herb called Maca, supposed to balance/regulate your hormonal balance.

I did feel that it helped, yet now I am sleepy, though I need to work on some stuff. I suppose the Roobios tea that I am drinking doesen't help that (because it's calming) So I believe I will go take a nap.



Michelle said...

Sounds very positive Annie...good for you!


EcoGrrl said...

nice! i am making my macaroni & cheese for the solstice with gluten-free pasta for the first time hoping it's awesome :)