Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Shoot-Outs "Textures"

This weeks Friday-Shoot out theme is "Textures"

I love this theme!! I love capturing textures, I hope you enjoy. ;D

(For an explaination of Friday-Shoot Outs, scroll down to my post for last week)

The texture of calm water

Slightly less calm, plus the contrast between rough sand, water and smooth sand on the other side. (Plus cute kiddo) ;D

Rough waterfall on the Provo River

Smooth Clear Sky above Y mountain in Provo

Billowing Clouds

Smooth Asphalt Trail

Layers of images, stone memorial, smooth grass, stone building and mountains

Sandy, Rocky, stretch of land along Strawberry Reservoir as well as the prickly weeds and deceptively smooth grasses

Thick rough bark

Piles of twigs

Rocks, wood chips, and vegetation

Asphalt and Moss


gigi said...

Great texture. Love the baby want to get her toes wet :)
Happy weekend!

GingerV said...

yes ma'am seem everyone enjoyed this week's topic. I like very much the landscape 'layers of images' good job.

Chele said...

Your selection of pics is great. My favorite was the asphalt trail.

Renee said...

I see your pictures are expanding just like your mind I bet.

Love Renee xoxoxo

Finding Pam said...

Hey, I adore the picture of your little girl. You have become quite the artist in your photography. I enjoyed them all so much.

Hope all is well with you and that you have a lovely weekend.


Natalie said...

Great job! I enjoyed the asphalt trail too.Have a lovely weekend.xx♥

Hibiscus Moon said...

I can't believe its another Friday already. Great shots, once again.

J9 said...

I like the moss growing from the asphault, specifically the contrast between the natural and man made, between the soft colorful moss and the drab, rough pavement.

REDLAN said...

I am a nature lover and I like all the photos of nature you posted here especially that cotton-like clouds.

Can I grab one of my favorites to post on my blog? I am planning to post a collection of Friday shoot out of my favorites in one post every week. It will link back here to let them see more of your photos. If it's okay with you.

Nance said...

Got here via Redlan.
Great photos ... I can almost feel their texture as you described them.