Sunday, August 16, 2009

Update (Or something like that anyway, I've kind of lost track of myself) ;D

Today is a good day, the sun is shining, I got enough sleep last night (super important) we got to church on time (someone check to see if we are in a parallel universe).

Chaos, and order, life seems to cycle through the two extremes. It seems to be either chaotic or ordered...

The kids start back to school on Wednesday, Sione among them, I enjoyed homeschooling him but I feel like he needs to be among his peers right now, he likes the other kids and the other kids like him. It makes him a bit more motivated to work on some of the things that he doesn't want to do, like handwriting, when he sees that everyone else is doing what he doesn't want to do. He's a funny guy... I love that little fellow.

On our way up to my moms house today we saw that there are a dozen or so people hang gliding up above Y mountain. My question is how did they all get to the top of the mountain in the first place, and are they all really that crazy??? (Well, actually I confess to a bit of envy, hang gliding sounds like a cool thing to do)

Anyhow, gotta go help shuck the corn for dinner (we are having Salmon, yummy!!)


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Butler and Bagman said...

I think my life is a cycle of chaotic and ordered also. Of course, after 63 years of chaos, I'm still waiting on the ordered part of the cycle.