Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Taking Baby Steps

So, this is the world

expansive, broad

my world, has been rather small,

A microcosm of myopia.

I see out into the world,

and see possibilities.


What if, haunts me.

What if I fail?

will i be shunned, scorned

The world,

this broad wide world,

is full of failure,


There is failure,


I ask who has learned to walk,

without taking a first step?

As I take a step,

I shall know what it means to have courage,

I shall know.


EcoGrrl said...

I am so proud of you for reaching outside your comfort zone - this past year has been a big one for opening our eyes to new possibilities, hasn't it?

Renee said...

I would never shun you.

I love the idea of you livign a few houses away.

We could have tea and the kids would play and then when Angelique and Nadalene are over, I would be Strawberry where are you and you would say, Angelique is asking me some questions about raising kids and Nadalene is making me laugh.

Love Renee xoxo

Adullamite said...

Of course you will fail! Of course you will be rejected! of course it will all go wrong!

But tell them to shove it, and then live your life! It's the same for all of us, just go ahead and LIVE!

(This message is brought to you from the 'Failure Society of the UK.'

Strawberry Girl said...

EcoGrrl, It definantly has been, definantly. I am still inspired by you, remember that.

Renee, darling, that sounds delightful. xoxo

Graham, snicker ;D

Michelle said...

Go you...one foot in front of the other....xxxx