Sunday, January 10, 2010

Abide with Me

Wouldn't it be nice,

to be in a place that was safe from the world,

safe from judgment,

safe from the fray of trying to live.

To just sit and listen to the strains of heavenly chords

in a nice warm chair, wrapped up in love

and to finally be able to talk, freely, calmly

to someone who cared enough to just listen, again, without judgment

someone who loves you so much,

someone who believes in you

and knows that you can do something great

someone without an agenda of their own,

all they want is for you to heal

and become stronger

They would never ask you to compromise in any respect

they love you too much

and understand that what is best is what is right

They hold sacred life, and love

and you can just rest

That is how I felt when listening to "Abide with Me" by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, that I was loved and cherished... I wanted to stay there in that chair, it is so hard to face the world, to be kind and loving without being compromised. To be taken seriously, and respected without having to resort to meanness. Firmness without anger, guidance without hatred, love without lust. Can I just curl up in that chair and stay?


Brosreview said...

It is possible to feel the same without necessarily needing to listen to the choir. Find someone who loves you the way you've mentioned here. And, look no further. I know this because I have found someone who makes me feel all of this.

In the real world of today, it is hard to be nice to everyone as goodness is mostly exploited. It is sad, but it is the truth.

Bottom line, SG, you can "curl up in that chair and stay" if you are with that someone. I am because I am with that someone.

EcoGrrl said...

that's what friends are for, the true friends, my darlin'!

open hearts are in so many places, and while finding a romantic partner is fantastic, it's not the only place to get these types of needs met.

get out there and rumble, woman! stretch outside of your comfort zone, get to know people you wouldn't have ordinarily met in your last chapter, volunteer, and definitely continue to write!!


Nana said...

Hey hun! I know... I search for that feeling in my future husband ;-) Are you mormon?
PS. I am on my way to vegetarianism, I think I'll be more discipled once I finish the cleanse. How about yourself?

Strawberry Girl said...

Ajey, that is a nice feeling and oh so important. Why is it that niceness/goodness is exploited? Is it really exploited to the extent that we should become cynical and uncaring towards others? I know you're not saying that but the point I think is to love others, even those that are hard to love, but at the same time not allow yourself to be exploited... and a lot of times that lies in your perception of things.

Still it does get hard doesn't it?

Grrl, I'm so glad to have you as a friend and yes that is what I intend to do... :)

Nana, hey sweetie you've got it right, that feeling is sublime... and yes I'm Mormon, and yes I too am aiming towards vegetarian cuisine... :) (Actually looking for a good cleanse to try, let us know how yours goes, as before) :)

Corrie Howe said...

That does sound lovely. It is a beautiful choir. We had the privilege of seeing the Tabernacle in Hawaii before it was redecorated. It was magnificent before the redo, I can't imagine after.

Anonymous said...

I have been told many times, I am to kind, to sweet, you love and care to easy. You are going to get HURT!!

Well the hurt if comes with loving then I will take it.

I am not about to change who I am and how I feel towards people. I do not expect peeps to change how they love for me. I tried years ago and it does not work..

I did not search and that someone found me and now I hear the choirs all the time as I feel you have in your special someone


let me know on the cleanse

Joyfulsister said...

It sounds like when I'm in the arms of Jesus, feeling so loved, sfae, and secure!!!

Hugz Lorie