Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Irony of Ignorance

Ignorance, ignorance has pervaded humanity throughout all of the ages. Ignorance is a disease which takes a hold of a life, gnawing at the progress that would be made without it.

I say this with irony

It is ironic to be aware of ones own ignorance; yet unable to definitively decide upon a point to begin erradicating it, to somehow be caught in its grasp is a truely ironic situation.

I am gazing upon a picture, an etching which hangs upon the wall above the computer at my parents house. It is of a little wooden cabin, with a few trees surrounding it, a few birds above it, and a dirt path leading up to it.

My thoughts are of how peaceful that little santuary looks, how simple life would be to live in such a place. Yet there, surrounded in the woods the inhabitants would be possessed of a certain kind of ignorance. How quickly could they become dispossessed of their land, if some schemer with more information decided to scam them? How tragic would that be?

Another irony is that we do it all the time, I do it all the time, out of ignorance. Yet what is the truth?

I'm going to make a global statement that most of the time we make or base our decisions upon incomplete information.

That if someone undertakes to fool a portion of society they can easily do it; with smoke and mirrors... what isn't there can seem to be.


I ache to be informed, yet haven't the time to do much more than glance at the headlines, dangerous!

Yet with knowledge comes responsibility

With ideals comes a certain obligation to follow those ideals

in all fairness I am idealogically untrue to myself

and thus deserve in some way my own ignorance.


findingmywingsinlife said...

hmm. I would say that in some ways you and I are thinking somewhat the same these days. However in my case..I'm wondering how I can make such mistakes in life that at the time- seemed to be exactly the right answers. But I agree with you, I think we do make our decisions based on incomplete information or even worse based on assumptions we think or thought we knew. Your Ajey has given me excellent advice on this btw. Glad to see you posting again :) Keep it up, your thoughts are wonderful to read.

Opaque said...

Ignorance is sometimes a good feel that you do not have to know of the bad things and do nothing about it because you are not involved. But, I readily agree with you that ignorance can be harmful too. Knowing about things around you and your people is always a good asset. But, then, sometimes, I, like you who aches for knowledge find no time to grasp everything and relish them. I wish I could do so.

I have always loved the nature. I think it is quite natural because, we arise from Mother Nature. So, the affiliation, the affection comes naturally.

Basing information on incomplete information is scary and dangerous. But, coming to think of it, there are so many perspectives these days that the raw truth is concealed somewhere behind. It is hard to find the truth these days unless and until the person responsible for something is honest.

Presumptions are worst! I have found them to be very harmful. They generate emotions which are unnecessary and easily avoidable. However, conditions apply to such scenarios as well.

I can go on and on. This is a very thought provoking post SG. Keep writing!!!