Sunday, May 16, 2010


My son has been on a Beatles kick lately, which is amusing to me as The Beatles were the Quintessential beginnings of my formative musical tastes during my teenage years. Simmon & Garfunkel, John Denver, the old classics have all been my favorites for quite a long time. Though there was a point where I just outright stopped listening to it all, probably during some depressive mood of mine.

Which is where I have been lately, in a funky depression.

I've found a good job which I enjoy going to, simply because everyone is so easy to get along with which makes it nice to go into work.

A lot of my time has been consumed with putting everything into order as well, it has been such a crazy spiral of a ride. Who knew life could be so insane?!

I have a terrible headache, probably from the soaked nuts that I so lovingly dehydrated earlier this week... it is amusing/not amusing to me that so many things that are supposed to be healthy for you turn out to be unhealthy... or did I just do it wrong? Did I soak those frikin nuts too long or what?! I don't know...

Just stuck with this lovely headache, a vague wish that I could write some profound bit of wisdom or at least have enough time to simple relax and read a book (sans headache...).

Hope everyone is doing well... :)

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Opaque said...

Yes, I know not one person who has been inclined towards music and have not like The Beatles. Yes, I only recently, was introduced to Simmon and Garfunkel, and I have enjoyed them ever since. Well, John Denver is amazing too! I must say that your son has got great musical tastes.

Hmm, I agree with the thought there that sometimes what we think is healthy for us goes the other way. Makes me either question myself or the myth itself.

I hope you and your loved ones and having a great day and continue to have great ones!