Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Finding my Why?

I had a meeting with the bishop on Wednesday and he made a suggestion that I find my why? Why do I get up in the morning? Why do I go to work? What makes me tick? What makes me happy?

The obvious why's are my children. I get up and go to work so that they will have some of their needs met, I try to be a better person and a better mother because I want them to be happy.

The less obvious why's are actually the things that I push down when I get stressed or too busy. Those have to do with writing, with researching health topics, with exercising a bit, plus taking photographs just for the thrill of capturing something precious and beautiful... and I love books that make me think, not about difficult issues but more philosophically about life and love and happiness.

I have things that I want to be able to do, like draw really well, paint... learn Spanish... really those are things that I keep wishing that I could incorporate into my life... but they are why's that take more focus than I can give them at the moment.

and that is how I work, I cannot concentrate on a multitude of interests at the same time... I really like to put a lot of energy into one thing at a time, savor it, embrace and become a part of it... if there is too much information I feel fractured and lost and drained. Though I can handle things if I compartmentalize them and prioritize them... I know, sounds like a guy... I can multitask when it comes to menial things, but for my passionate why's, I like to focus...

Anyway, my head hurts a tich from trying to see through a contact prescription that is slightly too low... I lost one contact from my new pair so I had to revert to these because I haven't ordered any new ones yet... grrrr... my finances frustrate me sometimes...

Well, have a good night blog world.



Opaque said...

That is a great suggestion. I do this from time to time and it renews itself. I reckon I adapt to situations but without losing the true myself.

I understand that sometimes things that become a norm for us takes over most of the time, that we do not find time for ourselves and our interests. But, I strongly believe that these are just hiccups. Things will get fine.

The key is to not get frustrated and stress about it by thinking of the lack of possibilities to do them as they will simply stress you even more.

So, simply keep your interests alive, and when there is a window of opportunity, simply capitalize on it. I do so, and it always helps.

You have a fantastic day yourself!

Julene and Gabe said...

Finally I am able to access your blog again. It kept saying I was uninvited. Anyway, hope you are able to find a little bit of time for yourself. I know your life is pretty busy. But hang in there!