Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Love Fall!

There is so much beauty in my mountainous Utah home; early dawn, awakening morning sunshine filtering over emerald mountain peaks and valleys; azure skies and crisp clean air. Little birds like to greet each other and peep as they hop in the grass looking for their breakfast.

I love it when it is stormy as well, roiling dark clouds with intermittent rain and sunshine, the dark gloaming in the streets, the fresh smell in the air. Splendid!

Then the glorious fall! How crisp the day's, how refreshing! For some reason during the first week of school you can simply feel the change in the air, it is less intense, so much more relaxed than summer. There is still some uncomfortable warmth but it isn't like the scorching heat of Summer. Each day the tips of the green leafed trees slowly take on different hues and die away, until one day you realize that the leaves have fallen and the musty smell of mulching leaves permeates the air and then one day the air holds winters bite and the season has turned again.

There is just something about the fall, I love fall!



EcoGrrl said...

ahh there you are! can you believe it's fall! i'm still hoping for the indian summer but it's been cloudy for a few days...

Strawberry Girl said...

Yes Grrl, I am starting to emerge... ;)

Finding Pam said...

I thought you had left for good, then while reviewing my blogs, I found your new blog.

I hope you are doing great. I have missed reading your blog.

Big hugs to you.

Strawberry Girl said...

Thanks Pam you're terrific! I haven't really left, though I've thought about it... it can become intense sharing your thoughts when they are so full of distress and hardship. I'm doing better now, working and earning enough... but I'm super busy so haven't done much blogging. I hope you're not offended if I don't stop around your place to comment... don't have much time these days. Still I miss you and all of those I've met while blogging... :)