Friday, January 14, 2011

Shopping Insanity

For someone who is known for their love of writing, I certainly do very little of it. I blame it on life in general, and the fact that writing comes in spurts for me.

I go through a painful process when I set out to write something related to my everyday thoughts and life. In my own mind I hear myself coming across as somewhat depressive, plus I tend to criticize myself... and my four year old comes in at the most inopportune moments to break off my train of thought and little niggling bits of guilt work their way into my stomach as I realize how little time I spend with her and how little time she has left as an adorable, demanding four year old.

Haha, she's upset because the "pink" hanger that she thought she had found turned out to be red. She just walked out and slammed the door with the exclamation "stupid red!" She's certainly my daughter, hehe, I loved pink when I was little.

I drove by the Provo Tabernacle today, they've set up a perimeter chain-link fence around the site, plus have covered certain areas with plastic and have set up reinforcing structures around the brick... I don't know what the plans are exactly for the site, but it looks like they are going to try and rebuild.

One of my great time wasters is lolling around in health food stores contemplating the products. I spent about 45 min at Good Earth in Provo this morning taking stock of the place and writing down prices for products that I like to buy. I was still in my PJ's (which consisted of athletic pants and t-shirt) plus I had boots and a winters jacket to top off my ensemble. I got a few looks from the clerks, to me the odd looks had me wondering if perhaps I should have dressed up... or perhaps they were simply not used to someone roaming around inspecting packages and writing down prices...

I then made my way over to Wal-Mart in Springville, I figured that since it had less traffic than the Orem Wally World that they might have some unique items, like the Organic canned green beans and corn that I was able to find at Wal-Mart before. I shouldn't have even bothered! They certainly didn't carry the Organic canned corn and greenbeans, I didn't find Organic crushed or diced tomatoes (for that matter the only Organic tomato products that they carried was a minuscule can of tomato paste and a few bottles of Organic spaghetti sauce). The spaghetti sauce did happen to be greatly cheaper than at Good Earth though so I picked up two that I wanted to try and a few gallons of white vinegar (excellent to clean with and a good laundry softener as well) and I hightailed it out of there.

Just to be sure that I was being fair to the Wonderful Walderific, Wal-Mart, I drove up to Orem and low and behold the oddity of chain stores, the products were there in amazing sameness lined up neatly in the same way so I rolled right back out of there again and off to SF Market.

Sunflower Market is a fantastic anomaly (did I use that word before in this write-up? I think that I did...)

Awww heck she wants to read Llamma Llama red pajama how am I supposed to ignore that?

anyway... I will write up about Sunflower later... ;)

Goodnight Blogger Land.

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Opaque said...

Love the new template... and, I can relate to your post... but you knew that already... ;)