Sunday, June 12, 2011

Chore Chart Pictures

I have a good friend who wanted to see the chore charts that I had my darling Ajey design so here are the pictures.

What I did was an internet search for "Printable Race Track" to find one for the kids characters to go around on. Then I found some Mario Kart characters to print off (for the kids to choose from) for their marker. For each room I had Ajey create a chart with the specific chores down the side which I numbered, and the numbers across the top correspond to each chore. (I think that it could be made simpler, but I haven't spent the time to think about it, this way has been working so far). Then for each chore (listed down the side) there is a point value associated with it... I then had the points correspond to spaces on the track 25=5 spaces... but you could just as easily directly make each chore worth a certain amount of spaces. (Pick up the toys in the living room = 5 spaces; brush teeth = 1 space... etc...).

The other thing is that they have to make it a certain amount of times around the track to earn incentives. Plus I laminated everything at Stevenson Geneology (By Arby's in Provo and across from McDonalds)

Hope this helps! :)

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lauramunn said...

Thank you for posting pictures! I am going to make one for our family! This is genius.