Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Today has seemed to be a time for everything to start to gel. The kids are home more, they've finished up Pioneer Trek, Angie finished up Girls Camp... Sione is apparently finished with Football Camp (I was never quite sure if that was what Sam had him doing or not)... so finally, they have been home the past few days and I love it! It is such an odd feeling to putter around my home with just Roxie for company, she gets bored, I get tired because she wants me to entertain her without the other kids here for entertainment...

I've finally figured out a laundry soap alternative which involves a combination of Dr. Bronners Sal Suds, Washing Soda, Soap nuts and the essential oils of Lavender and Bergamont. I also use white vinegar as a fabric softener and baking soda (sparingly since I've heard that it can fade colors), however baking soda is an excellent deodorant so I want to continue to include it in my routine. One other laundry essential is hydrogen peroxide which you can use to clean blood stains and if you have a stain that you notice after drying your clothes you can soak it in hydrogen peroxide, add a bit of Sal Suds and let it soak, then run it through the wash again. I still need to look into bulk options for the Washing Soda, and essential oils.

I found one site that offers bulk essential oils here.

A curious site that offers soaps from yesteryear here. This site offers bulk soap goods, including borax, soap ash (which I believe to be the washing soda I'm looking for) as well as different scents, oils, powders, and lotion bases (and lotions). Should be interesting to look into.

Plus a few curiosities such as this site, which offers aroma therapy diffusers and this site which I love because they sell wooden straws! :D

Which reminds me of the fun things my friend Liz sells at her Etsy shop, Owl Post Magic, from which she sells her lovely "Harry Potter" themed magic wands, parchment letters, potions, lotions, and Pygmy puffs... she is amazing!! :)

On sadder notes, I'm worried about my dear friend from work. She is going through some hard times, oh how I feel for her. She was beat up by her boyfriend on Saturday, she's not been able to sleep much and today she just found out that she has thyroid cancer! I've been lending her money, her Dad is flying down and she's said that she will pay me back but I don't mind if she doesn't. I am praying for her and her little girl, and I pray she will get away from that abusive, immature and pathetic excuse for a man that she's with...

Well, off to bed... G'Night

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