Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Has Lain Dying

As I delve deeper into self reflection I am starting to identify what has lain dying, what has been draining me psychologically.

Somehow my creative instincts have lain dying, I've no longer felt like writing, photographing, drawing.
My mothering instincts have been dying, I've felt disconnected from my kids, unable to guide and direct them.
My dreams have been dying, my goals
I've not had the energy to face them
My libido has been stagnate
My sense of direction
Self preservation
My thoughts
My spirituality, I've been disconnected from the Lord, the inner spirit
It's very draining to face this

Time to sleep for another day, and more reading...


EcoGrrl said...

ah my dear i know how you feel...some days i just want to lie here and hug my pillow and stare at the ceiling as i feel stuck, frozen, static from doing and creating. i closed down my chocolate business today, it was hard but it drained me in the wrong way. here's to creative inspirations hitting us and filling us up with new life! (hugs my friend)

Strawberry Girl said...

Sad to hear that it became draining to you. I could feel so much of excitement and energy when you started. That's how things are sometimes though, what is at one point exciting and new can become stagnating if it becomes a larger task than originally thought of. Thank you for the hugs, I return them. (HUGS)