Thursday, September 8, 2011

Draggin around, But Getting Things Done

Today has dragged. I dragged myself out of bed, I dragged myself to work, and then back home again. I successfully managed to stay sane, or partially so, under the gaze of the meeting attendants in the glass bowl conference room (walls made of glass) while suffering from stomach upset and general malaise. I also successfully kept working though the software that I was using to upload my files had encountered some sort of glitch (I opened a file on our server and had the other members of the team grab the files to load them). I've been trying to work longer shifts in order to make up for the lost day on Monday, but unfortunately don't get to work early enough and haven't felt up to staying much later than a general 8 hours, today only 6.5.

Enough on these general complaints.

I've been feeding my mind as I efficiently sort out company records, a simple and mindless task. So far I've studied several musical genres and found my favorite musical styles and artists (thus far) something I haven't been able to do previous to now because I've been preoccupied with schooling and raising children. Some day I'll make a nice playlist to listen to and get the songs for my ipod.

At the moment, I've just completed listening to lectures on critical thinking and now I'm listening to Les Miserable, a work much larger than I originally thought it to be.

A word to sum up the work, Lugubrious, it is Victor Hugo's style and most often heard (out of the ordinary) word in the book. I'm struck by the dual treatment that he gives to religion, at once esteeming it by the many themes of ascetic and good followers of faith, yet also renouncing it as part of a society which follows blind ascriptions such as the strict upholding of the law without regard to circumstance.

In fact the main character Jean Val Jean is at the moment interred in a convict with his little adopted daughter Cosette and is reflecting upon the similarities between the life of the prisoner with the life of a nun.

As for now, I'm at home, feeling slightly better and at the computer writing this post and then I'm going to watch an "Online Expert" Training video on Excel (one that I've already watched but need to review since I have access to these videos through the generous grant of the UVU Womens center who paid for the training and which I will have to pay back if I don't watch them and take the tests... ).


Howie said...

The Hunchback Of Notre Dame is one of my all time favorite novels. I'm not sure why I've never read Les Mis... Hum, perhaps I will during my commute.

Strawberry Girl said...

Les Mes is very, very long 5 volumes each one that I've listened to (3, just starting the 4th) has taken almost a full week to get through. So if you do listen to it, plan on at least a month and a half of listening (at about 40 hours a week as well). :)