Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It's interesting to realize the amount of patience that you've developed for circumstances and people while in the crux of exercising that patience. 

My Ex-Husband has volunteered to paint around the house and to fix things up, it is a continual effort to try to win me back I know (because he all but says this to me), but I'm letting him do it or else do it myself.

I know I could move, I know I could call on members of the church to come over to fix things, but how much of peoples time can you really count on?

So I bought the plywood, vinyl and other such materials for the project, a long process because I want it to look nice without paying too much for the job, and Sam tells me that I should call the landlord and let them know of the hideous state of the flooring that was under the vinyl. It turns out that what was there when we moved in was rather nice, the stuff under it, 3 layers of vinyl under a 1/2 # plywood was wretched.

In order to get a hold of the landlord I have to go through the manager. So I called her up and told her that I needed to speak with the landlord. She (the manager) went off on me, told me that I should have told her that it (presumably the bathroom) was leaking, that she asked me every time I handed her the rent if anything was leaking. This rant because the sub-floor beneath the vinyl was rotting away. I never told her that it was leaking because it wasn't leaking and she saw the state of the floor before. The deal with this lady though is that she likes to build up a repertoire of  things that she deems to be the fault of the tenets so that she can complain to the landlord about the problems and throw everyone into a bad light. She did this to Christina (my once neighbor) and I knew she was doing it to me so I pointed it out to her. She seemed to think I was raising my voice to her but in reality I was simply calling her out. So she started ranting about this being the Landlords property, that we shouldn't fix anything, that she would have sued me if it were her and had us evicted, but it's not her property... blah blah blah. I finally got her to calm down, call the landlord who gave me a call back and in a calm and pleasant voice asked what the issue was. I told her, she asked me to submit receipts for the job (I can deduct the cost from my rent), and asked that I make a list of what needs to be fixed to give to the manager with my rent for next month and that was that.

Goodness, heaven above.

Today's been full of opportunities to exercise patience. Patience while my Dad explains to me about good driving habits (on our way to the hardware store), while he hems and haws about the types of wrenches I should buy (I just wanted a simple set, but he thought perhaps I should buy the deluxe set...), while he goes off to find a candy bar and picks through a bunch of discounted tools. Dad's amusing sometimes if you don't let his comments about stuff get to you.

Patience... now I get to exercise a bit more of it as the toilet (reset after being moved out of the way so the floor could be replaced) is leaking from the top part (the bolts holding the top part down are rusty), so we have to flush the toilet with water from a bucket...

But all of this shall be worth it! When I can step into my bathroom and not cringe, when I can take a bath and not worry about the water leaking over the side (well not as much anyway). When it is clean and easier to clean it will all be worth it!

Now it's time for bed.

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