Sunday, September 11, 2011

Today Was a Triumph! However other worries are on the horizon...

My family has a tradition to go up to my parents house for dinner. This a tradition that has grown out of comfortable habit, going back for 10+ years.

One of the best parts of going to my parents house for dinner is the fun and sometimes strange conversations that we all have. Today's topic, my Dad's adventures with "Cousin Eddy," which brought up "Annie and Daniel" stories, "Daniel" stories, and my kids own stories.

I think that hearing stories about me and my brother humanized me a bit for my daughter, she's loosened up for the day and it makes me feel good to be comfortable talking with her and all of my kids. :)

My worry is this:

He's had a lump on his neck for quite some time, a smaller one that you an see a little below this large one. I'm not sure how long this one's been there, he's passed most of the summer with his Dad's family and his cousins. I just noticed how large it was last week and got him a doctors appointment. The doctors got him on antibiotics (saying it's possibly strep) and I'm hoping that the antibiotics make it go away!

Otherwise... I fear to think what could cause this.

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lauramunn said...

oh wow yeah, that lump would freak me out too! Good luck! I hope the antibiotics help.