Monday, February 20, 2012

Recovering - The Price of Devotion to a Job

This past week has been a tough one, I stayed up until 2 am on Tuesday night trying to compile the varying reports that I received from the different members of the team in order to give it to IT for analysis. Then Wednesday I started feeling sick, but I went in and plugged on to be rewarded with a dramatic conference call with IT, Robert (my now ally) insisting that I not sign off on the testing we were doing until I was satisfied with the results and then the assertion that really I couldn't verify the results because the data had become obscured by a circular reference error. So I had the girl who worked on the file with the error go in and fix it, then IT ran an emergency load of the tables (which, none would admit to having sanctioned fully, but they did it none the less). That night after getting the go ahead that all had ran I stayed up until 1:30 am COPYING the data from the tool that we use, yes copying the data because the myopic programmers of the system didn't thing we would need to export that particular type of data.

I went in to work the next day, was on time, identified bugs for IT to work on, yadda yadda all of this has made me quite ill for the past week. Partially the illness could be considered a "Cleanse" from the standpoint of the diet that I've taken up to do just that during the past month. It feels like Strep Throat, my old nemisis, I've fought this foe many times in the past usually taking Antibiotics to stave it off... now with the idea that antibiotics destroy the good and the bad bactiria in the gut and that illness/cleansing is a normal part of the life cycle... I'm fighting this yucky bug with lots of rest, chicken soup and green juices... which seem to be working for the most part until I decide that I want to buy blanched almond flour and Dr. Bronners Sals Suds on-line for whatever the cheapest price is that I may find... ironic that I spent all the money from my tax return on kids braces, an oboe, other dental bills and several things that I really need/wanted (like a juicer, bed frame, etc...) now I'm back to scrimping and the windfall felt like a breeze through the desert.


I love run on sentences when I'm blogging, especially at 1 in the MORNING! Yikes! Oh good, blogger makes spelling error notifications disappear if you move on too much, guess that means that my spelling works for everything....

I'm trying to make life work, figure it out, not be dependent on big Pharma and big Government

I wish I could own a bit of land, a nice little house, have chickens, a little garden...

Well I'm going to go sleep now, this sleeping all day and staying up late is getting to me.