Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Blues

For some reason weekends can be quite draining on me. I don't have much enthusiasm for facing a day of coaxing the kids into some cooperation in cleaning the house, chauffeuring them around to grandmas house, work, and other activities.... and then basically spending the day alone. That should be a luxury, it's not.

I feel sad that I get so sad.

Today turned out alright though, I got my Honda back from the shop (it has been broken since last October, brought to the shop a few weeks ago and then to the Honda dealer because there was some mysterious something that wouldn't let it run for more than 5 min.).

Plus, I made ice-cream with the kids. They were super enthusiastic! Each of them helped to add ingredients to the batter, each got a turn stirring it, then each took their turn cranking the handle. :)

We had a blast!

I bought raw milk, premium vanilla flecks and Stevia to sweeten w/o the use of sugar. :)

It turned out OK, a bit too soft because we got a bit impatient... but it's in the freezer now (whats left that is).

I'm sad still. I don't know why.


brainwashed said...

hello there, hope you're ok, be happy.. ;)

Strawberry Girl said...

Thanks, you've made me smile. :)