Saturday, September 1, 2012

Grasping At Peace

I don't have a lot of time, or money. I have lots of thoughts though.

It would be easy to live a superficial life. Buy stuff, clothing, jewelry, car and a nice home... sometimes I want to do that buy stuff... look good. It's not sustainable though.

In this day and age people often seem to be devoid of humility. The great goal is to look better/be better than everyone else. I don't like the game... it's easy to get dragged into though, easy to think that you're not good enough if you don't have enough...

I thought my Grandparents were rich; they had a nice home and car, plus Grandma always looked well dressed. Grandma was smart in what she bought to wear, she always looked nice because she took good care of her clothing... I'm trying to get to a point where I can buy some nice things to keep nice...

I'm following the Paleo diet out of necessity.... it's been expensive and somewhat alienating. There are very few people that I know of who follow the diet. It is hard to be so strict with what I eat, but it is a line in the sand. I ABSOLUTELY know that if I eat something that is bad for me I will feel sick. It has been a process of gradually backing away from what is artificial and popular in order to be well.

Artificial and Popular

I wish I could fill my life with all that is real and wholesome and good. Somehow to me the things that fill our modern life are not fulfilling. I look at all the stuff and think "meh!" it's not good enough for me. I want real stuff, real! I'm so sick of all that is fake and phony.

Well.... anyway. Enough random thoughts.

We've had two beautiful Japanese girls living with us for the past week. They are so sincere and real! :)

I love them. They are so complementary, they try all the food I give them to try and say it tastes good... NICE

We've done quite a few things with them. It's been nice, my family has gotten in this rut where I work and the kids hang out at Grandmas and we never get together and have fun.

Last week we went for a drive through the Alpine Loop. This Saturday we hiked up to Timp Cave. One thing that I can't help noticing, the clarity of mind that I have now. I was SO trapped in a foggy world when I ate crappy food. Now it is a clear head that looks out through these eyes. It doesn't make everything better, but it makes a great deal of my life better.

The hike up the mountain was cold, wet and windy. The cave was beautiful, so many interesting formations. The hike down the mountain was wonderful. I like to feel the texture of things. The rocks, the trees. I love the intricacy of the mosses that grow like fireworks bursting forth from the ground. Rain is sometimes discouraging but the air after a good rain is fresh, especially up in the mountains. There was one moment when I was separate from everyone else that I looked out over the expanse and a cool spicy breeze filled my lungs. That was a moment of clarity. One moment of elusive peace. I need to visit the mountains more often...

Perhaps I can talk someone into visiting the lake with me soon... ;) A Japanese girl or two? That would be fun...

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