Wednesday, October 3, 2012


50 Followers, nice round number. ;)

I visited with a therapist yesterday, talked about some of the my life; my divorce, Sam. She mentioned how a divorce is a loss of identity, that made me tear up.

It seems like life's all about knowing who you are. That's hard when your identity is tied up with a certain set of circumstances and ideals, when they change it's easy to get off kilter.

For a long time I was a student, I was a MOM... I'm still a Mom but it's different somehow, now that the kids are older. My youngest still makes me feel like a Mommy, but the older ones... sometimes I wonder what I mean to them now. I wonder if my Mom feels the same way?

I was watching "This Old House" while working on contracts the other day, somehow it helped me feel better. Sione's been watching "Full House." It's weird to see the episodes, so familiar, yet different.

HOW can I get started writing then end up wasting 40 min on Facebook... stupid fb... ;)

Anyway, it's late... Goodnight blogger

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