Friday, October 5, 2012

Ears a ringin'

I slept until about 12 in the afternoon today! My head is clogged up, it some noises are louder than normal... and my ears are ringin' grrr

I'm glad my manager told me to take the day off, don't know if I could have handled work today... though I wish I could have gone in because I only needed to work 5 hours to get a full 40. I would have worked a bit in the afternoon but I needed to be a Mom for Angie. She had to get her wisdom teeth out today. They put her under anesthesia and she was done in about an hour... poor little girl, came out with puffy cheeks and ice packs on her head. I ran up to Costco to get her prescriptions which was a mistake because I spent too much money on stuff... or did I? I don't know, everything costs so much money these days. 

I decided to make her requested chocolate pudding from scratch, since it's easy enough to make, and cheaper that way. The only way to make homemade pudding pass muster though is for me to add sugar so it got a half cup... can't seem to pass off Stevia sweetened pudding to the crowd.

I'm going to try making gelatin tomorrow with real gelatin and real fruit juice... we'll see how well that goes over... ;)

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