Thursday, March 21, 2013


I'm listening to a YouTube video on "How to Double Your Brain Power!"

The premise is that we can gather inspiration from the collective mind. That pure knowledge can flow to us when we have a clear purpose in mind, a clear question.

I've felt that before, beautiful clarity of mind as I pour out my thoughts onto the page. I have also noticed that the only things that tend to get done are the things that I focus on. Makes sense. The weight of responsibility is incumbent upon us to focus on good things then.

I have noticed that the things that I put in mind as what I want in my life are what eventually show up.

I put excellent health at the top of my list and work towards that every day. I think I'm getting there.

A lot of times the things that we put in mind to get are things we desperately feel we need. The worry then is that if you focus on some specific need/want without balance to other needs/wants than the other things will get pushed to the side.

So, what is it that you truly need?

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