Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Morning

This morning I woke up early, thinking of the universe, what is and what is not

I couldn't go back to sleep

So I stumbled out to the bathroom and sought refuge on the heater vent, funny that I've never outgrown that habit

My daughter comes in, strong and tall, such a beautiful girl

A flash of my son and a holler of "Angela, I'm heading to the bus" is all I see of my 16 year old

My face looks girlish today, I pout at the mirror then put in my contacts

Hunger overtakes my resolve to get dressed

So stumbling down the stairs I fumble with the makings of omelets, make 2 of them one for me, and one for my little fellow

I sit and eat mine

Roo Roo doesn't eat much in the morning, so I make her an egg and sprinkle cheese all over it

Then I holler at the kids to come down

Shower time, but first a snuggle with my little girl

Snuggles are getting to be rare lately

Her hair is a tangled mess that makes her howl when it's bushed

Hanging up my towel I see them run out of the door

A fleeting image of my little girl and little boy, wish I could capture it somehow

After dressing and fussing with my hair and lunch

I walk outside, it smells like spring, nice and fresh

The birds are chirping, I want to lay down on the grass and take a nap

I'm sleepy

Classical music doesn't help

I nod off then force myself to concentrate

I'm at work

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