Sunday, March 17, 2013


Today's been really nice, sunny and warm outside, with a bit of a breeze. Dad and I went shopping yesterday for a new washer and dryer set for my house, my washer completely went out, the dryer door wont shut (I have to stick the handle of the mop in it to get it to close). SO my tax return is going to a new washer/dryer...

I love the spring though, nothing gets me down when it is nice and sunny outside.

We are watching Irish shows today since it's St. Patrick's day today. I love old fashioned shows, there is a lot to them that is missing from contemporary shows. For instance there is a sense of time and space. There are pauses that signify emotion and there are subtle humorous queues. I like the neighborly and friendly way people are with each other. Life has meaning, summer, winter, fall, and spring each season and time brings celebration. I don't know that I've seen such calm and friendly contemporary shows in fact.

Makes me feel nostalgic for how things used to be.

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Adullamite said...

Ah how things used to be.
No washer/dryer, no hoover, no microwave, no anesthetic, no money.....

I would be a starving, dirty, screaming, poor...............hold on I am!