Saturday, March 30, 2013

Plan A, Plan B

Whenever I see the mountains out in the distance, I wish I could capture them, describe them somehow. I wish I could capture the feeling that I get seeing them.

We descended into Utah county today, just near sunset, and saw them back lit against an azure blue sky. The verdant, green, rugged peaks, covered with patches of snow, so beautiful that I fixed my gaze there. Then I gazed at the expanse of the valley, houses packed together in patches, roofs like freshly ploughed fields, and gashes of red sand cut through dessert soil.

Driving, is a time of reflection for me. A quite zone of contemplation amidst the cacophony of life. I think about what is, recall what used to be, and wonder about what life still holds for me.

Sometimes I think about the plan A's that I gave up for plan B. My son Sione was explaining to his cousin Atticus (my cousin Shany's little boy who's about the same age as Sione), that there are so many things he wants to do. That he wanted to play sports but that he needed a "Plan B" in case his first plan didn't work out. It hit me, that "Plan B" ruins "Plan A."

Just think about applying the "Plan B" analogy to other aspects of life, like marriage. "If it doesn't work out I will go with "Plan B." What is "Plan B?" Really?

What "Plan A's" have you given up for "Plan B?"



Ben Rogers said...

Greetings, SG. You posted to my blog a few months ago, just as I had become enmeshed in other activities. Now I have found your blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed your writing. :)

Strawberry Girl said...

Hi Ben, I remember posting to your blog, Paleo related I believe.

Thanks stopping by and commenting. :)