Thursday, April 11, 2013

Eating Out - Surviving My Food Allergies

I'm creating this post for my own benefit as a quick reference when eating out. It's also to avoid coming across as a nit-pick as much as possible, I do have to protect my health but I like to do that without going into great detail about it if possible.

My allergens in order of importance to avoid them are gluten, cashews, dairy, eggs, tomatoes. Other foods I avoid because they give me a headache are pineapple, mangos, and msg's.

(This is a work in progress) :)

Specific Orders at Restaurants (Favorite Restaurants Stared)



Rainbow Roll substitute other fish for crab, no sauce, ask for gluten-free soy sauce

Small Sashimi

Small Sake


Sabadee I think all of their curries are gluten-free


India Palace & Kohinoor

Lamb Saag, Basmati Rice


7 oz house sirloin (cooked rare, no seasonings), steamed mixed veggies. *Specify Gluten Free

Blue Lemon

Blue Lemon Steak Griller - RARE

Buffalo Wild Wings

Traditional chicken wings (sauce on the side) *Specify Gluten Free

Cafe Rio

Grilled steak burrito, pinto beans and rice, mild (tomatillo) sauce, enchilada style


Chargrilled Chicken Filet (No Bun, no cheese) *Specify Gluten-Free, no dressings, condiments separate


Rice Noodles, Gai Yang Grilled Chicken, Thai Basil Butternet squash, Massaman Curry, and Asian Pear Slaw, Lemon Garden juice


Classic Sirloin - 6 oz (cooked rare, no seasonings) & Steamed broccoli for both sides *Specify Gluten Free


Soft corn tortillas with chicken, cilantro-lime brown rice, black beans, tomatillo green salsa, guacamole (specify gluten-free and no cheese/milk products)

Costa Vida

Specify gluten free and no cheese, salad w/ corn tortillas, pork, cilantro lime vinaigrette (on side), guacamole (on side), salsa fresca (on side)


Beet Salad - No cheese, add tri-tip. *Specify Gluten Free Gingerberry or Strawberry Serenity kombucha


Specify gluten free, no croutons, bridge hampton salad

Italian Place

Steak 'N' Everything - No bun, no cheese, no tomatoes *Specify Gluten Free


Specify gluten free - Avocado Bacon Burger no bun

Olive Garden

Steak Toscano (cooked rare, no seasonings), grilled vegetables  *Specify Gluten Free


They don't normally offer gluten free options but they do have gluten free soy sauce that they can use with the Mixed Vegetables and they can do the Teriyaki Chicken without the sauce. Make sure to specify that the order should be gluten free.


Classic Grilled Steak Taco made Gluten Free, no dressing


Calypso Salad with fire grilled chicken

Teryiaki Grill

Ginger Salmon, side of vegetables *Specify Gluten Free

Texas Roadhouse

New York Strip (rare) with two sides of veggies *Specify Gluten Free


"No-House" Roadhouse Burger *Specify Gluten free (no bun, no cheese)


Salad w/ mixed greens, chopped romaine, baby spinach. NO dressing. Add Chicken & Avocado. Cucumbers, Red Onion, Carrots, Peas, Black Olives, Diced Green Apples. EMPHASIS Gluten Free *Don't let the crumbs from bread get into the salad and please don't add a roll

Maria Bonita (Orem)

Carne Asada
Costillas De Puerco En Salsa Verde
Jamaica, tamarind or Strawberry Jarritos

Guru's Cafe

Napa Valley Waldorf

Grilled chicken, mixed field greens, red grapes, sliced apples, candied walnuts, and crumbled bleu cheese, tossed in your choice of balsamic vinaigrette or creamy bleu cheese dressing.


Romaine lettuce, chicken, bacon, cucumber, tomato and red onion, blue cheese crumbles, with blue cheese or ranch dressing.

Aubergine & Company

Address: 1365 State St, Orem, UT 84097

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