Saturday, April 13, 2013


We just got back from a family vacation to Hawaii. It was good to spend some time with my kids, but not so good spending a lot of time with my ex-husband. The whole time I was there a cat and mouse game was going on, I didn't appreciate being so vulnerable. He took advantage of me being out of my element and ill. Not good. On top of that he was begging me to let him into my heart on the one hand and on the other holding a continuing conversation (texting) some random girl he didn't want me to know about. I hate being lied to and I hate it when someone assumes that I am stupid.

Other than that the trip went well and I got an opportunity to be in Hawaii, something I never thought would happen.

I've also felt disconnected and disconcerted because I haven't been studying the scriptures and going to church. I have questions and there doesn't seem to be a resource to ask my questions, just a standard regimen.

Well, there's the short update, now off to get my daughter cereal and to run up to my parents house to pick up the kids (and hopefully get them to clean).


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