Monday, April 1, 2013

Outdoor Entertainment

CLAS Ropes Course

Utah Helicopter Charters

Drive up Squaw Peak road and get a great view of the valley at the lookout point.

Pick-Up Paintball Field - Play Paintball

This field is for those looking for a place to play speedball in Utah Valley. Bring your own paint and have a good time in a controlled environment. The field is free, just read and follow the rules. Because this is a speedball field you should plan on getting hit multiple times and yes, it will hurt. The field is located at 810 South 3110 West Provo, Utah (see map page).

Go to the park and play volleyball/throw horse-shoes/play Frisbee/fly a kite

Go up Provo Canyon - Picnic and Bonfire

Geocaching at Buxley's Geocaching Waypoint 

Sailing Lessons - Get sailing lessons from Bonneville School of Sailing

Mountain Biking


Lift Pricing Full Day $24

Bike Rental

Full Day $75
Half Day $65

Full Day $55
Half Day $45

Kids 12 and Under
Full Day $35
Half Day $30


Adult: $25
Child: $19
Season Bike Pass: $125
Winter Passholder (15-16 or 16-17): 20% discount on day or season tickets.
Child is 16 years and younger. If a participant is younger than 18, a parent or guardian must be present to accept release of liability and waiver.

Trail Map

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