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Willow Park (9800 W. 8570 N.): Over 50 acres of mature willow trees, trails, campsites, and open grassy areas will make you feel like you are in the mountains without actually making the drive up the canyon to get there. The Jordan River Parkway trail also weaves it’s way through the park, providing you with plenty of shaded paths to walk or ride bikes with your kids.

Dry Creek Trail Park (100 W. 1500 N.): Bring your own frisbee for a game of disc golf under the shade of the Willow Trees. Expect some thick brush and rough terrain along this 9-hole course, so wear good shoes and long pants. You can download a scorecard here.

Wines Park (500 N. Center Street): Large mature trees all over the park provide almost a complete cover of shade. You’ll feel a retreat from the heat in this park for sure, whether you choose to run and play in the large grassy areas or rest on the lawn while your kids play on the swings or one of two playgrounds (one designed for younger and the other designed for older children).

Heritage Park (10400 North Alpine Highway): Run and play on the grass under the large shade trees at this park or even receive some shaded relief from these trees while you play sand volleyball or watch your kids on the playground.

Highland Glen Park (4800 West Knight Avenue): Don’t miss this park hidden at the bottom of a hill just North of Loan Peak High School. While heading North on 4800 W. turn left onto a small road just after passing Loan Peak High School. Though you still can’t see the park, the road will take you a short distance over a series of large speed bumps, down a windy hill until you reach the entrance of the park. You’ll be glad you made the effort to find this hidden treasure of mature trees, shaded trails and picnic areas, and a pond where you can feed ducks and catch fish.

American Fork

Robinson Park (100 E. Main): Located next to American Fork City Library is Robinson Park. Like Wines park in Lehi, large mature trees provide almost a complete cover of shade. The playground is also nicely shaded.

Rotary Park (400 S. 200 E.): Open shaded grassy areas for play, as well as a shaded playground make this park another great place to beat the heat.

American Fork Ampitheater (851 W. 700 N.): Large pine and other trees have been growing here since the early 1900’s. Get your exercise in the cool summer shade here on the open shaded grass, hills and stairs.

Pleasant Grove/Lindon

Pleasant Grove Downtown Park (200 S. Main): In addition to swings and a playground, this park provides several shaded grassy areas to run and play.

Veterans Memorial Park (300 S. Locust Avenue): Located next to the Veterans Memorial Swimming Pool, this park provides an open shaded grass area to run and play, as well as a playground and swings.

Lindon City Park (200 N. State Street): Similar to the recommended parks in Pleasant Grove, this park provides large shaded grassy areas to run and play, as well as a playground and swings.

Discovery Park in Pleasant Grove

Discovery park is often known as the wood park because it is a huge wooden castle. This park is fun because it is so big, and it caters to big children, which a lot of parks don't. In fact, on the sign it says it was built for 5-12 year olds, but my almost 3 year old did fine with most things. There are some tricky things to climb, but he steered clear of them. There are lots of swings and lots of slides. The fun part is working your way through all the different parts of the wooden castle. They have little beehives for the kids to play in, instruments to play, tables and benches for moms and dads, and much more. This is a great park for hide and seek. Half the time I was trying to find our son because he never stopped moving the whole time we were there.

Some other benefits:

Picnic tables for lunch
Tennis courts & baseball fields

The address for this park (called Manilla Park on PG's website) is 1550 N 100 E Pleasant Grove. I took the Pleasant Grove Blvd exit and headed east to the mountains. You will stay on this road all to way until you reach 100 E which is a light. Go North (turn left). The park is just a little bit down the road on the west side of the road.

This website had a good description of the park.


Bonneville Park (1450 N. 800 W.): In addition to large shaded grassy areas and a playground fit for both older and younger children, this park provides partially shaded basketball and tennis courts.

Cherry Hill Park (1800 S. 240 E.): At this park, you’ll find shaded walking paths, a tennis court, and playground.

City Center (100 N. 300 E.): Shaded walking paths and a partially shaded playground provide a nice retreat right in the middle of town.

Scera Park (600 S. State Street): This large and popular park in Orem is located next to the Scera Swimming Pool and theater. You’ll find plenty of shaded grassy areas to run and play here, as well as multiple playgrounds and a walking path.


Bicentennial Park (1400 S. 1600 E.): In addition to large trees, a playground, and swings, this park also features a duck pond and 9-hole disc golf course.

Kiwanis Park (820 N. 1100 E.): There is plenty of shaded open grass at this park, hills, a playground, tennis courts, a ball field, and volleyball courts.

Memorial Park (800 E. Center Street): Enjoy the memorials here as you stroll along the walking path, play on the grass under the shade of the trees, and spend some time on the playground as well.

North Park (500 N. 500 W.): Located next to the Veterans Pool, you can play a game of horseshoes here or enjoy the playground. The grassy areas here are also shaded very well.

Paul Ream Wilderness Park (1600 W. 500 N.): In addition to a playground, duck pond, and plenty of shaded grassy areas, this park also provides access to the Provo River Trail, where you can walk or ride bikes with your kids.

Pioneer Park (500 W. Center Street): You’ll find some of the best shade in Provo at the Pioneer Park, as well as a playground for the kids.


Conover Park (600 E. 1000 S.): Enjoy a nice little retreat here, in shaded picnic areas surrounded by shaded grassy areas for run and play.

Kolob Park (600 S. 700 E.): You’ll probably find your best shade in Springville here, as well as picnic areas, a softball field, and a soccer field.

Westridge Park

Bicentennial Park

Fort Utah

Ron Last Park

Kiwanis Park -Tennis Courts

Footprinters Park - Fishing

Rock Canyon Park - Play a game of soccer or go sledding

Bi-Centennial Park

1440 S 1600 E
Provo, UT 84606
(801) 852-6606

Disc Golf
Drinking Fountain/Water Tap
Duck Pond
Horseshoe Pit
Volleyball Court
Walking Trail
Water Feature

Morinda Gardens

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