Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rant for the night...

This is annoying, work spilling over into my home life... :(

It's 11:00 PM and I am finishing up a "Recon" for work. I have a dozen more things I could/should do including book some contracts that have been in my queue since Monday but I can't because I've been answering emails and researching stuff all day... not to mention the "Practice" email/research project us newbies were sent out. Ugh, it's not as if we haven't had experience delving into the junk thrown our way. They up and decide that we need to have our skills evaluated (again) and throw this stuff at us. In fact preventing us from using our precious time on answering real queries (I've got at least 2-3 in my inbox right now). Is it any wonder that I'm not finding a moment to spare for studying SQL? No surprise at all...

Exercise, pshaw that's for lab rats

So that's my rant... thought I would get it out of me whilst waiting for Excel to open up the master file for the "Recon."

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