Monday, September 2, 2013


We drove through the streets of the city, the kids running to put flyers on peoples homes, need concrete work?

We have done this before and it worked, people called, almost immediately. Now no one was calling.

After coming across house after house, with weeds in the yard, with signs "For Sale." The enthusiasm for our project started to wane. We started to send the kids out less... "Oh that one looks like they could use some concrete work..." yet we drive on, and on. Turning into an entire neighborhood of post-modern style homes in various stages of completion, the mood suddenly becomes somber.

As the light fades from the sky...

I tell the kids "this is significant, pay attention." They all become quiet, "do you know what inflation is?" They shake their heads no. "Well, if everyone has ten dollars to do things with and a loaf of bread costs one dollar

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