Friday, September 27, 2013

I've been thinking about the sacred nature of relationships. Developed they are beautiful, it is wonderful to have someone who understands in some small way what makes you tick. To make a connection with another soul. It becomes a source of compelling strength; mind, body and spirit. A space where you know just what to expect from someone. As human beings we have the capacity to allow these relationships to be created, but they can be harmed. The tenure of the relationship will then change, no longer be the loving bond created. As a developing person, always reaching towards a better understanding of life, I can see so many areas where I need to improve. One of those areas is the delicate balance between relationships that needs to be created. Nurturing good friendships, weeding out what isn't working. Re-evaluating jealousy, seeing it for what it is, insecurity. There is a fine line to maintain when treading within the heart of another and when they are a part of your own heart. Once that has happened, change cannot come about quickly, lest you damage those bonds and permanence is the result of a temporary feeling.

There is a cycle of birth, rebirth within each soul. Birth and death. When I died, or more accurately as I lay in a state where I felt close to death, it was hard to imagine ever being full of life. It was a faint memory. I lay in tall grasses feeling light, looking towards my home, longing to have a chance to live.

I've been learning about the deep well of intuition in my soul. 


Aimee said...

Long time no blog chat! Lovely to see you are still writing up a storm. Life comes and goes and twists and turns but we are still here. Sending good thoughts your way :) - Aimee/EcoGrrl

Strawberry Girl said...

I know Aimee! I think about you, how are you lately? Thank you for the good thoughts :)

A.O. Reed said...

I enjoy your vulnerability. It is courageous. I enjoy the word because it sounds like venerability. I find they go hand-in-hand. Vulnerability is an honorable trait, worthy of a great deal of respect.

I am humored by, yet can relate to, how you see areas that require improvement. I have felt this way at times but rather than view myself as something that needs fixing or an upgrade (as that particular term seems to imply) I modify the term and it somehow affects my perspective.

Rather than "improvement" I prefer "opportunity". So where you've stated, "I see so many areas where I need to improve," I'd say "I see so many opportunities." For me, this is a game changer. After all, the statement itself is a reflection of my attitude. Changing the statement is a step toward altering my attitude. If I speak or write anything, be it about myself or some other one or thing, the action will have originated in the mind first. One can not do without having thought.

You don't need to improve anything about yourself, Annie. You are as you intend, and life is abundant with opportunities to intend & act differently upon. I don't know much about you, beyond what you present of yourself on your charming and thoughtful blogs, but I (and I assume many others) have no difficulty accepting and appreciating you in that regard. Thanks for sharing yourself. You're cool beans.

A Friend,


Strawberry Girl said...

Thank you Albert! You're right, changing the perspective from a "Fix me up" to a "Seek it out" point of view is much more empowering. Very nice of you to stop by and offer validation. :)