Monday, September 2, 2013


Oh woman

the strength of days past

hope of resurrection

new life

Oh woman

walking the path to renewal



She walks alone

down the path of redemption

she walks with the elements

a flowing ember of life


minutely flowing throughout her blossoming body.

How fallow and cursed she feels as

Endless dramatics


hot searing pain at the thought

the thought of renewing again

the quiet drama that has played out so many times

Can you feel my resignation, can I cease my trepidation. Can I joy at the thought of preservation?

How can I feel to rejoice?

When my hopes have risen so many times

on the tide of fancy

and been dashed against the stones of disappointment?

How can I feel to rejoice?

When by betrayal I am fed so many times

to the merciless lions

who claw restlessly at my heart

the very blood of life?

I have bled out my heart

time after time

a sorrow so deep and severe

so personally ridiculous

that I must hide

bleed alone

Would that I could cry

stand out in the open

in my insanity

to scream to the heavens


It is enough!!

Why torment me so?

All a show of hysteria that is seldom understood

how far off is the mental ward?

Two lines, not one

I am preparing the shroud now

I should be happy, but I cannot be.

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