Monday, March 10, 2014

Daylight Savings Bleh

We are put through the torture that is called "Daylight Savings Time" every 6 months. "Spring Forward" (lose an hour), "Fall Back" (gain an hour).

It really jacks up my sleep. I hate it.

Life's been fairly good. No big issues for a while, same old challenges (getting to work on time and getting the kids to do their cleaning).

I'm finding new things to do at work. I still find myself asking at times why I'm doing this type of work and not any other type of work. I guess it's that I'm pragmatic, never really thought I could make it as an independent artist, writer etc. Nor a teacher. So I do this.

Well... I'm writing this from a dimly lit room at work since the lights are having issues staying on and no one feels like getting a hold of facilities to come out and fix the issue.

I'm going to rub my blurry eyes and get back to work... ;)


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