Sunday, April 13, 2014

5 Min. Journal Follow Up. Dairy, good for me? Or no?


“ In order to acquire intellect one must need it. One loses it when it is no longer necessary. ”

— Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

Follow up

I found a good book on the thyroid and am making a game plan for how to heal my thyroid. I watched a couple of Ted Talks today with a few of the kids. It kind of turned flat... not much response. I need to take a different tack/re-evaluate what I want to watch with them and/or make it a mandatory part of family meetings. Speaking of which I should establish family meetings again.

I haven't taken the kids to the park and I haven't really done anything with them lately. I need to plan activities into my week.

I am grateful for…

1. The wind, it's really windy outside and it reminds me to keep moving.
2. I am grateful that the kids have been cleaning more. It will be better when they know they will get allowance every Saturday and that they can earn extra money by completing extra chores.
3. Beef Pemmican from US Wellness Meats, seriously it's the only thing I've felt like eating today.

What would make today great?

1. If I could get meals prepped for the week.
2. If I make a plan for evaluating and treating my thyroid
3. If I go say hi to my family and give them hugs

Daily affirmations...

I keep my mind healthy and happy and my body follows suit. ~ Louise Hay

How could I have made today better?

In general. I've had an "interesting" day. I had coconut "Creme Brule," it's not very good and I miss dairy. I cut dairy out a few days back trying to see what it's effects on me are... and again I find that my sinuses clear up, but I'm not convinced that cutting dairy out permanently is the right direction to take for optimal health. I get a lot of satisfaction (and satiation) out of eating yogurt and berries and I feel hungry without the dish... it's a simple snack and I miss it. BUT if it is triggering my emotional issues and preventing me from being able to think straight at work I need to keep it out of my diet. BUT I'm hungry!! So I'm going to go to my Paleo books and see if I can plan some meals out for next week to help me overcome this hunger. 


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