Wednesday, July 9, 2014


This morning I hoped out of bed, still tired but unable to sleep so I decided to put my fitbit tracker to use. While on my walk I had positive thoughts running through my head, acceptance, love of nature, love of self. I marvel that I can have such diametrically opposing thoughts weeks apart. Today though my thoughts were about being gentle with myself. If a change needs to be made I need to be gentle but firm. I was thinking about how a river is shaped, water flowing through the landscape etches out a path. It can do so forcefully, in a torrent, or it can do so gently... a little at a time. In the one case, the torrent, a great amount of earth is moved. Displaced. Perhaps this will form a groove so deep that the water following afterwords will keep to that path... but then again after the torrent comes the slow and steady force.

Other thoughts in that vein. Acceptance of self and acceptance of others. There are things within us that we would like to change. Sometimes it is a recognition of a habit we dislike, in today's image biased society it is often some aspect of our appearance we wish to change. What if the thing we want to change is the thing that endears us the most to others?

Some thoughts anyway...