Saturday, April 1, 2017

Some old thoughts about religion on a Wiki that my friend and I put together several years ago


Why are humans so compelled to religion? Why do we feel good when hearing about others religious experiences?

Case in point - I attended sacrament meeting today. First was a talk by a lady obsessed with family history and recording personal histories (I can see the validity of this to a point, but it can become an all consuming obsession). It was interesting to hear stories of her pioneer ancestors though I couldn't help but wonder the whole time how human beings get caught up in a psychological battle with themselves about what they believe. About how comforting it is to be a part of a movement, a group that seems to have things all worked out and how it is harder to face the void and meaninglessness of life and persevere making your life's meaning be what you want it to be. I was flipping through facebook on my phone while contemplating this. Then her husband got up to speak. He told of the extreme circumstances that he faced. His wife left him and took his two younger boys. He was left with his older son who developed a serious disease. He was in a car accident. He lost his job. His hair was falling out due to the stress. He turned towards God and while on taking pictures at his brothers temple wedding a woman who came out of the temple radiating happiness came up to him and told him that she felt impressed to tell him that God loved him. I've gotta tell you this story made me tear up. I've been there. I've been so poor that looking for spare change in the house would be pointless since we had scoured it many times. I've been harassed by debt collectors at 5 AM while my husband worked in a different state. I had to get on my knees and ask for guidance and I've found it. I've had encounters with people who seemed like angels to me since they appeared at my lowest states. AND it's hard to turn from believing in that to not believing because there is that something inside that wants to believe. BUT it feels the same way as believing in Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy did as a kid. AND a lot more evidence (or lack there of) points to the religion as a fraud... but what a fraud it is.


Adullamite said...

Tsk, scouring for loose coins. I've done that.
Mind you the owner of the house was not very pleased...

It is Easter, the Lords death for our sins and rising for our forgiveness can be publicly commemorated again. That is the centre of Christianity, that is where he wishes to meet us individually. He knows our needs and worries also. He knwos mine, I tell him often, he meets my needs daily (but will not give me the fifty million I consider useful to possess).

How nice to ehar from you and know you are still alive and as troubled as all other women are. That reminds me to call my sister! How nice to know you are still only 20 years old, at least according to your picture.

You write so eloquently, it makes my scribbles look like an elephant blundering over strawberries. Doubting yourself is a habit of women, amd I suggest you are too hard on you. Forgive yourself, you have much to offer and do it so well.

Annie Cameron said...

Thank you my friend! I wrote this a while back, but yes I am still 20 and always will be ;)