Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nice Sunday Afternoon

Today has been a nice day, relaxing. It has been a bit cold and rainy outside as of late so it's nice that today has been fair and clear. I've had a nice long nap... :)

Friday and Saturday were a wash for me as I spent them putting in some extra hours at work. Basically matching up data that will make our process run smoother in the future. I'm not yet sure if it was worth it.

My manager is coming on Tuesday from San Jose. Her boss will be here as well and our whole team gets to meet her. This should be interesting...

My manager wants everyone to tell about the different ways that they have contributed to the team. For the most part everyone on the team has had special assignments, all except one team member. She is going through a tough time at the moment, a nasty divorce and breast cancer. So I've not assigned much to her, just basic duties. She was the first one to try out the new process that Robert and I developed though, she's taken off with it and cranked out a bunch of hierarchies. My worry is that she's not careful in what she does, she could potentially have a lot to do in backtracking during the validation phase that I've just worked out.

All will work out though.

I've decided to join the vast masses who have read "The Hunger Games," I just started reading it. if I didn't have other demands on my time I would read it straight through, the dystopian setting is very intriguing. The main character Katniss is quite appealing, strongly attached to her little sister, upset at her mother for having "checked out" after her fathers death. Also an excellent hunter, someone who could hopefully last through the murderous "Hunger Games."

In fact, I'm off to read a bit more...